Terms of Use

This document sets out the terms of use under which students and alumni of Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) can use the job platform BFH Studentjobs, which is operated by BFH Career Services. BFH Career Services reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. The published version of these Terms of Use in German at the time a service is used (e.g. profile creation, CV writing, job subscription or advert viewing) on the job platform BFH Studentjobs applies. Otherwise, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR) apply.

§ 1. Description of services

  1. BFH Career Services provides the platform BFH Studentjobs for students and alumni of BFH to use. Students and alumni of BFH can use the platform free of charge.

  2. Job adverts and company profiles can be viewed on the job platform BFH Studentjobs. In addition, personal profiles and CVs can be composed and job newsletters requested in the password-protected area.

  3. Students must be registered at Bern University of Applied Sciences and alumni must have an edu-ID in order to use the private area of the CV database.

  4. By using the job platform BFH Studentjobs, the students and alumni of BFH accept the following terms of use.

§ 2. Creation of a profile and use

  1. In order to register or create a profile on BFH Studentjobs, users will be prompted to register with their SWITCH edu-ID.

  2. Personal information can be collected when a profile is created. A user’s personal data shall only be used for the purposes of providing the services of BFH Studentjobs and shall not be shared with third parties. Users can edit their personal information in their accounts at any time.

  3. Users are responsible for keeping their accounts confidential, especially their usernames and passwords.

  4. The job platform BFH Studentjobs may only be used for lawful purposes and for its intended purpose. In particular, offensive content and competition are not permitted. The user may not permit third parties to use their profile.

  5. By creating an account on BFH Studentjobs, the user confirms that the information they have provided is accurate.

  6. BFH Career Services reserves the right to delete information or profiles that conflict with the purpose of the job platform BFH Studentjobs or are immoral or unethical.

  7. Users agree that all important messages concerning use of the job portal BFH Studentjobs will be sent by email unless the law stipulates a different format.

  8. Users can delete their profiles at any time.

§ 3. Data processing

  1. BFH Career Services adheres to the relevant data protection legislation and shall treat personal data obtained as part of the conclusion and execution of the contractual relationship as confidential.

  2. The user acknowledges that, by the very design of BFH Studentjobs, published profiles can be viewed by registered employers and, by creating a profile, consents to this disclosure of their personal data. Other settings which (partially) prevent disclosure must be implemented by users themselves.

  3. BFH Career Services is authorised to process data with which it has been entrusted or have the data processed by third parties. In particular, BFH Career Services is authorised to process users’ data for the purposes of analyses or marketing measures and publish the data in an anonymised form. BFH Career Services can engage third parties to process data in accordance with the statutory provisions.

  4. More information about data processing on BFH Studentjobs is available in the privacy policy.

§ 4. Disclaimer

  1. The services of BFH Career Services are generally available around the clock, 365 days a year. 

  2. However, BFH Career Services does not guarantee that the platform will never malfunction temporarily or become unavailable. Likewise, BFH Career Services accepts no responsibility for data losses resulting from outages, faults or improper use of the job platform BFH Studentjobs

  3. BFH Career Services cannot be held liable for the content or the accuracy of data published on the website by employers, other users, students or alumni.

§ 5. Severability clause

  1. If any individual provision of these Terms of Use should be or become ineffective or unenforceable, this shall not impact the effectiveness of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use. In this case, BFH Career Services undertakes to replace the affected provision with an effective, admissible provision which best approximates the original provision without undue delay. The same applies in the event of a loophole.

§ 6. Applicable law

  1. The parties shall endeavour to resolve any disputes arising from the use of the job platform BFH Studentjobs.

  2. Swiss law applies. The place of jurisdiction is Bern, Switzerland.